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What is PoE Power Supply?

Only the network camera has POE. 1,2,3,6 are the data wire and 4,5,7,8 are idle. Two methods can be applied. With 8-core wire, one method is using 1-4 cores for both power supply and data transmission. Another method to use 5-8 cores for power supply while the rest for data transmission.

What is the difference between Smart IPC and ordinary IPC?

Smart function
1) Smart detection: line crossing detection, scene change detection, intrusion detection, audio exception detection, defocus detection, motion detection, face detection, region entrance/ region exiting detection, object left/removal detection, dynamic analysis, ANPR.
2) Smart recording: Support automatic network replenishment to ensure the video is not lost. Support smart search and analysis of video with events, in cooperation with smart NVR.
3) Smart image enhancement: Supports defog, Smart IR anti infrared over-exposure. 
4) Smart encoding: support low bitrate, low time delay, enhanced encoding of ROI and SVC adaptive encoding technology.
5) Smart alarm: support exception detections and alarm triggering of network disconnect, IP address conflict, storage full, storage exception, and illegal access.   
Smart encoding: 2M bitrate for 720P resolution, 4M bitrate for 1080P resolution.
Smart control: 20-ch network access for more control availabilities.

What is SMART Face Detection?

Face Detection: Face Detection function is fulfilled by the camera. The face features such as eyes and mouth would be recognized. The detection highly demands the size of face shown in the image and the angle to the lens. We recommend users have the camera installed close to the desired detection region and make sure people face the camera directly.
Notice:Face Detection is different from Face Recognition. In Face Detection, the detection of faces in the whole image would trigger the alarm and notify surveillance center. The regions of detected faces would not be captured. The Face Recognition Camera is able to capture face images and upload to server for face comparison.


What is Counting?

Counting: In Counting function, users can define detection region and the entering direction. The camera will then detect moving objects and calculate the number of objects entered or exited the detection area. The counting statistics can be displayed on screen through OSD. The real-time counting statistics can be stored and exported through Excel after configuring local storage (SD card or NAS).

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