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Item Display Failure

Please go to WIN7, WIN8 System Control Panel - Display to modify the item size to a smaller size (100%)

Install Failed

According to the client’s system version to sent the corresponding program to client 

After installed, it still can’t work, an error message pops up when opened the program

Because the client’s computer system lack of the necessary compiled files, we need to send a unpacked and installed file to the client, then the client can directly open the file and use it.

After installed the client software, you cannot open it, also can’t enter the login page.

Please note: when installing, you should install it in the default directory, please don’t change it.

After entering the login page and input the user name and password, the screen shows the user does not exist

Local login: the user name is admin, the password is 00000000
Remote login: you need to use your phone number or the mail to register the user name first, then set up the password by yourself.

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