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After installed, it still can’t work, an error message pops up when opened the program

Because the client’s computer system lack of the necessary compiled files, we need to send a unpacked and installed file to the client, then the client can directly open the file and use it.

After installed the client software, you cannot open it, also can’t enter the login page.

Please note: when installing, you should install it in the default directory, please don’t change it.

After entering the login page and input the user name and password, the screen shows the user does not exist

Local login: the user name is admin, the password is 00000000
Remote login: you need to use your phone number or the mail to register the user name first, then set up the password by yourself.

What is Mirror function?Which kind of IPC supports Mirror function?

Ansjer smart IPCs(C510,C511,C610) support auto mirror function. For box cameras, move the base to adapt to Ceiling Mounting or desktop mounting.Mirror function is usually used when the device is installed upside down
Notic:Since there is a gravity sensing element inside the camera, it will make a sound when you scrolling the camera, it is not the parts drop sound.

What is the transmit distance of wireless camera?

It mainly depends on environment:If the transmitting path is interdicted by cement or steel, the signal attenuation is obvious;
Normally IP product performs well for 100m outdoor and 50m indoor.
Camera supports Wi-Fi standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Why is there howling sound during voice intercom?

We suggest users keep device away from the PC or mobile phone, or use earphones during voice intercom to avoid positive feedback effect.

Why did not find the video files when opened the Record?

(1). Before recording, please format the SD card (please note: before formatting the SD card, you need to switch the recording mode to manual record and keep closed, you can’t start to record until the format finished.) 
(2). It is caused by the camera didn’t save the time, the time will jump to the initial time automatically after unplugged the power supply and reboot, which will result in you can’t search the recording according to the time. Please remotely help the client to upgrade the profile.

After installed and connected the camera, the screen showed someone else’s home.

It is caused by encryption chip ID repeat, please return for repair.

The recording file can’t be opened after backup

Because the format of this recording file is AV, you can download a special player from to play this recording.

Camera failed to connect to WIFI ?

After connecting camera with power, you can use “Smartlink”:In the device list to click “ ” -- “Smartlink” -- Next --please input wifi password -- Next, then the camera will connect wifi automatically, after connected successfully, it will allow you to reset the password.
If you don’t hear the “dee” sound, please try to reset the camera (find the reset hole at the bottom of the device and insert the needle in standby status. After hearing the“dee”sound last for more three seconds and another louder sound, the reset is successful.)
If the smartlink can’t work, please try a wired connection to configure the wifi (after connected the network line, please click “Settings” -- “Network Settings” , then select the wifi that you want to connect to set up) . After connected, you will find a green tick behind the wifi.
If these two methods can’t work, else failed to configure the WIFI, please return for repair.

What is PoE Power Supply?

Only the network camera has POE. 1,2,3,6 are the data wire and 4,5,7,8 are idle. Two methods can be applied. With 8-core wire, one method is using 1-4 cores for both power supply and data transmission. Another method to use 5-8 cores for power supply while the rest for data transmission.

What is the difference between Smart IPC and ordinary IPC?

Smart function
1) Smart detection: line crossing detection, scene change detection, intrusion detection, audio exception detection, defocus detection, motion detection, face detection, region entrance/ region exiting detection, object left/removal detection, dynamic analysis, ANPR.
2) Smart recording: Support automatic network replenishment to ensure the video is not lost. Support smart search and analysis of video with events, in cooperation with smart NVR.
3) Smart image enhancement: Supports defog, Smart IR anti infrared over-exposure. 
4) Smart encoding: support low bitrate, low time delay, enhanced encoding of ROI and SVC adaptive encoding technology.
5) Smart alarm: support exception detections and alarm triggering of network disconnect, IP address conflict, storage full, storage exception, and illegal access.   
Smart encoding: 2M bitrate for 720P resolution, 4M bitrate for 1080P resolution.
Smart control: 20-ch network access for more control availabilities.

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