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No audio signal in the surveillance window.

1. Channel not activated for audio recording.
2. The audio cable is damaged.
3. The hardware of the DVR is damaged.

There is audio signal in the surveillance window but no audio signal when playback

1. The audio option is not chosen.
2. The corresponding channel is not connected with the video. When the image appear blue screen the playback will be intermittent

The time display is wrong.

1. The setting is wrong.
2. The battery is loose or the battery voltage is too low.

DVR can not control the PTZ.

1. Something wrong with the PTZ camera.
2. The baud rate, address, protocol settings of the front-end PTZ and device PTZ not matched
3. RS485 cable is incorrectly connected (reversed)
4. When multiple decoders are connected, the far end of AB cable of the PTZ decoder must add a 120 ohm resistor to remove reflection and aid impedance matching, otherwise it may make the PTZ control unstable.

The motion detection is not working

1. The time period is not correct.
2. The wrong motion detection area has been selected.
3. The sensitivity is too low.

Can not login via web or client.

1. ActiveX is held back.
2. Something is wrong with network connection.
3. Network setting problems

No Image or poor quality image when previewing image or playback files

1. Interference on, or poor quality network.
2. The user does not have preview privileges.
3. The device has no image output

Something wrong with the USB backup.

1. The data size is to large. Stop recording and carry out a backup.
2. The data volume exceeds the backup storage capacity and it will cause burning errors
3. The backup device is not compatible.
4. The backup device is damaged.

Alarm is not working.

1. The alarm settings are incorrect.
2. The connection of the alarm is not correct.
3. The alarm input signal is not correct.

The remote controller can not control.

1. The remote control address is not correct.
2. The remote control distance is too far or the angle is too offset.
3. The battery is flat.
4. The remote controller or the front panel of the DVR is damaged.

Item Display Failure

Please go to WIN7, WIN8 System Control Panel - Display to modify the item size to a smaller size (100%)

Install Failed

According to the client’s system version to sent the corresponding program to client 

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