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Why failed to create the file path when recording manually?

This problem is due to path changes in file creation. To solve this problem it is required to lower the custom level, and cancel protection mode in security level configuration in IE browser. Configuration comes into effect after rebooting(same as plugins download).

What is Counting?

Counting: In Counting function, users can define detection region and the entering direction. The camera will then detect moving objects and calculate the number of objects entered or exited the detection area. The counting statistics can be displayed on screen through OSD. The real-time counting statistics can be stored and exported through Excel after configuring local storage (SD card or NAS).

What are the improper parameters?

Normally we adjust the parameters to make image looks better, however some improper parameters will cause the blurred. Sharpness and DNR level will affect the image definition.
Sharpness mainly works on object edge. If it is too low, the definition of object edge will be blurry (the left); otherwise (the right) it will be too sharp. 
DNR level will also affect image definition. Image noise will be reduced when DNR is enabled, if DNR level is too high the image details will lose.

What is IR Over Exposure?

The camera is too close to the leaves of trees, and the IR radiation is irradiated in the leaves. We should avoid something likely near the camera.

How to configure port forwarding for camera?

camera port mapping,main menu>setup>network
Currently most Loocam IPC should map 3 ports out:
80(HTTP port), 5000 (Server port), 5001 (Mobile port)。
Notice:80, 5000 5001 can be modified in the web configuration.

Which kind of camera could access to cloud P2P?

Currently, all of our cameras supports cloud P2P function. There is no need to do port forwarding.But if the customer doesn’t want to use could P2P accessing, they can still use port forwarding for remote accessing.

Stuck on the White screen with the logo or reboots automatically after install hard drive

1. It is the system Firmware issue, upgrade DVR can resolve this issue,please contact tech-support or check the video on website to know more details for upgrading:
2. If upgrade firmware can’t resolve issue, please check your hard drive , power off the DVR, reconnect your hard drive, then power on the DVR,
3. If still rebooting or stuck on start page, please contact us apply for RMA Request. 

How to change password?

Go to DVR Main menu-Setup-User-Choose the changed users,
double click”admin”then pops up to Change password,input the old password and then reset the new password and confirmed.

Forget old password, how to reset the password?

Please use our super-password to log in DVR: Setup-User-double click”admin”then pops up to Change password, let the old password be empty, you don't need to write, only set & confirm the new password.

How to setup recording?

1. Start record: Right click to access the Desktop menu, select either Start record or Stop record from the list. This will apply recording for all channels, after setting OK, there are red square shows on screen.
2. Schedule recording: main menu-setup-schedule-schedule recording.
3. Motion detection recording :main menu-setup-schedule-Motion detection recording.(For more details,please read DVR manual).
Note: after setting OK, there are Yellow square and Red person symbol shows on screen.

The motion detection is not working

1. The time period is set not correct. 
2. The motion detection area is set not appropriate. 
3. The sensitivity is too low. 
Note: “8” is the weakest sensitivity,“1” is the strongest sensitivity.

How to backup files and playback?

1.DVR Main menu –Backup, Click”Search”to select the files that need backup according to time and channel and Select files in the list and click“backup”,Note: default every recording file lasts 30minutes. 
2. Backup by Remotely download to choose“.avi”format to playback. 
3. Backup by USB drive to choose .avi”format to playback.

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